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ALL about FLUTE! 

FREE mobile application with all information about flute for flutists
  • flute history
  • flute makers
  • famous classical, rock, jazz, folk, Native American, Indian and Japanese (Shakuhachi) flutists
  • flute repertoire
  • RSS flute news 
  • flute competitions
  • flute festivals
  • new albums
  • messenger - a place to talk to flutists 
  • instant notifications about notable flute events around the World
"ALL about FLUTE" is a FREE app that is a must have for flute players of all skill levels and disciplines. With useful links, streamlining notifications, and informative articles, "ALL about FLUTE" serves as a gateway into the world of flute playing.

It is an app whose purpose is to engage and connect flute players around the globe with useful tips, announcements, shared media, links and much, much more.

By connecting you with flute players, instructors, and makers from around the globe, "ALL about FLUTE" serves as an online community for all flute enthusiasts.

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Latest News
January 5, 2017

Over 6700 users all over the world. 

December 31, 2016

More memory games and a NEW QUIZ about famous flutists added

January 8, 2016

NEW Messenger is added to the app!!

Messenger is a place to talk to flutists

The messenger gives the opportunity to all app users to post listings about your local concerts and search for local gigs and musicians, as well as discuss other flute related topics.
May 1, 2015

Interview with the app creator Yulia Berry in
The Flute View, May 2015

September 25, 2014

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August 31, 2014

July 5, 2014

April 10, 2014

March 11, 2014